Conquering the Sea

13 Feb

I came up with this idea after my trip from Sofifi to Ternate via sea route by speed boat. The waves were quite harsh and dangerous. So during my trip, I was thinking about alternative sea route transportation applicable in this archipelago country, Indonesia. Not only providing transportation solution, but also providing additional green energy. Yes, I mention both topic because both aspects lack most in remote region in Indonesia.

No, I’m not an engineer. But I do really hope some of these great people recognize my idea and eventually bring this idea into reality (or maybe they already have! If so, then please bring this technology here!). Indonesia consists of many islands, making a challange in national development. Connecting these islands with cheap and efficient water transportation is a keystone in developing remote area with vast waters.

Another major problem in remote region is the energy source. Indonesia is still lacking in providing energy for its own. With its 1.904.569 km2 vast territory and 13.466 large-and-small islands, providing sufficient amount and distribution of electricity is a major problem. The ability to fulfill national energy needs accross the whole territory will make a huge impact in national development.

– Connecting islands with conventional concrete bridge may be quite expensive, though it also may be very effective. A cheaper solution is required. So instead, let’s put a series of “ships” in a row from an island to another. These “ships” are fixated to each other and to the sea floor with durable chain. This formation of the “ships” will form a “bridge”, and on top of that, a floating railroad can be built.

– This idea isn’t as simple as it seem. The sea level may change from time to time. The sea wave is also something to deal with. For this, the chain length fixing the “ships” to the sea floor should be adjustable from a central. The dynamic of the sea wave should provide required kinetic energy to convert into electricity. So, the connection should provide strong and stable structure for the floating railroad, yet still flexible enough to allow dynamic sea wave produce electricity.

– Why railroad? The floating railroad only allow limited weight on top of it. A railroad and a train will be perfectly suited for this reason. Another reason is train can be powered with electricity. If in any case the produced electricity isn’t as much as expected, it still can be used to fuel the train. The sea will literally allow us to cross it.

This is just an idea. And as I said before, I’m not an engineer. So let’s hand this task over to the master. I hope this technology is acceptable and applicable.


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