No Internet Monday

4 Aug

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night/day, dear reader(s?). It’s been a while since my last post. Yeah, these last days wasn’t my most productive days. But I believe now is the time to light up the fire and put back the activity on.

Speaking of which, once I read something about how to be actually more productive. Well, when I first typed the first letter of this post, I had no idea where or when I read that. So I opened my browsing history. And fortunately, I found what I was looking for. The article is “How To Actually Be More Productive, By The Guy Who Designed Facebook’s Productivity Tool”, published by Huffingtonpost (click here to read), written by Justin Rosenstein. He mentioned many things in that article, but the first one is the most inspiring for me. He mentioned that in order to increase productivity, one needs to optimize the environment. It means include turning off all distraction.

This point was like a ring in my head. I evaluate myself after reading that. Was my productivity lacking because too many distractions? I decided to do nothing afterwards and move on, but still not let this idea out of my head. I evaluated myself and my activity. Well, in short, I concluded that my concern was proven. And for me, my biggest distraction is this one single word that has changed and revolutionized our world and way of living, and maybe also the ultimate and greatest invention in human civilization: internet.

The Internet, Distraction?

No, I’m not blaming internet for my (and maybe other people’s) distraction. I believe that the first inventor of internet didn’t mean internet to be distraction and mean it to ease human’s life. But here we are in reality. Internet is just like another tool. You can use it correctly or incorrectly. It’s your call, depends on your tendency. Or your refrain. In my case, looks like my refrain of internet is quite low. Even while I’m writing this post, I still take a peek once or twice on my Whatsapp and Instagram.

So I came up with this “no intenet monday:” idea, where I (hopefully) completely shut my internet connection down in Monday. This applies especially on my mobile device. However, I can’t refuse the fact that internet has been a major part of our life, and thus they almost cannot be separated. So some rules are required. For this purpose, I split the internet use into several categories. There are: leisure and games, social media, communication, productivity, and others.

The Rules

Leisure and games are quite obvious, they’re the fun source (this includes youtube, online games, etc). Social media is also obvious, to connect with other people online (the examples are facebook, twitter, path, instagram, and so on). Communication is a little bit different with social media. What makes them different is their function. Communication’s function is to exchange messages between people. In this case, the examples are like yahoomail, whatsapp, line, and other chatting and e-mail tools. Productivity is internet use to improve the productivity (and income!). Like map, googletranslate, online store, certain blogs and webs, etc.

Alright, so here are my rules:

1. No internet for at least 24 hours

This means at least 1 day. You can pick any day, but I pick Monday. Why? I’ve read that how you start in the beginning of the day may affect you on how you perform in entire day. So why not doing it in the beginning of the week?

2. Phone call and SMS is the main communication modality

It’s a little bit old fashioned to use SMS, but hey, it’s no internet, is it?

3. In case of emergency…

Yea yea yea, I know. As I mentioned before, the internet has became the major part of our life. So in some condition, I may use the internet. But only in emergency. How do I define emergency? It’s “If I don’t use internet, I may suffer heavy loss, or lose a great opportunity”. For this third rule, I also added up some additional rule. Do you remember how I splitted the internet use into several category? It’s about it.

3a. Leisure and games

For me, these are great distraction. So for me, “No Internet Monday” really means “No Leisure and Games Monday”. This rule is absolute.

3b. Social media

These are maybe even the greater distraction. Same rule with 3a.

3c. Communication

Hmm, communication is a little bit tricky. Communication is a vital part in human life, and nowadays, it’s quite often just using SMS and phone call aren’t sufficient. I’ll use this when I really desperately need it, and still avoid unnecessary chit-chat. After I’m done, I’ll switch back to my old fashioned SMS and phone call for the rest of the day.

3d. Productivity

This thing is a little bit tricky too. Well, if I make living from this thing and desperately need it, then I will obviously use it. Otherwise, if I find it not too emergency, then I’ll just open it in the next day.

How Does It Feel?

Yesterday was my second time doing this, so not much to say. However, I feel that I spent more time doing more productive things rather than just siting idly, holding my smartphone in my hand and watching the screen for some random stuff. I read more books than when I’m not in this mode.

I think I will continue and let’s see where it’ll lead me.


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2 Responses to “No Internet Monday”

  1. Ami August 4, 2015 at 2:47 pm #

    Wow, that’s great! Internet is important if used wisely, otherwise it will distract us from doing more important task. :).

    • sangarudin August 4, 2015 at 2:50 pm #

      You’re absolutely right! Unfortunately, i found that internet is distracting me more than i can use it properly. So that’s why i do this.

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