A Father’s Words to His Son

10 Jul

One of the reasons I made this blog so I can write down my lessons I’ve learned in real life. This time, my lesson came from my father. Well, it IS a father’s responsibility to educate his son so his son can be better than him. Also, it is common to see that a father put very high expectations from his children. Although my father educate me and my brother and sisters very hard, I really thankful that he’s my father, who always guide me to the right way,and always admonish me if I’m wrong.

It’s Friday. My father and I went to the masjid this afternoon for shalat Jum’at (Friday Pray). It’s quite a rare occasion where both of us are together alone. In those occasions, my father almost always give his words personally to me. This time, my father asked me what I wanted to do in the future (yeah, you can say that I’m a jobless). I gave him my answer, which couldn’t please him. And then, he gave me some principles when I’m about to do something. He said he gave this lesson to all his children, hoping his children won’t be just ordinary.

1. When you’re about to begin something, plan accordingly

This is mainly if you are about to make a great decision in life, but it also should apply in daily basis. I’m also a strong believer that “victory loves preparation”. Make your decision based on many variables.

2. When you’re beginning something, don’t forget to finish the thing

Just a plan is nothing. The will to act is something. The action is everything. And don’t forget to finish your job, do it with focus.

3.. When you’re doing something, don’t mess other things up

Exactly as the sentence said.

That’s all what my father said today, but I also remember that my father once said,

4. When you’re about to finish something, finish it exceed expectation.

This is a symbol of true professionalism. You do your job, you do it quickly, you do it flawlessly, you do it exceed the other people’s expectation.

That’s all for now, it’s iftar.


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