Mistake and a Young Doctor

8 Jan

Have you ever experienced something like, “Uh-oh, I’ve made a terrible mistake!”. I’m sure most of you will answer yes. No human can avoid mistake. Even the greatest person in all history of mankind. I’m sure of it. That’s a part of being human

What differs us from one another is how we react to it. I’ll just say there are 3 kind of people based on how they react.

1. The ones who even don’t recognize their mistake.

Probably the worst person in the world, or maybe crazy. This kind of guy will make a mistake and… go away. They don’t feel sorry. They don’t feel regret. But I’m trying to think positively. Probably this kind of guy don’t recognize their mistake because they just don’t know they make a mistake, Thus, maybe (just maybe!) still forgivable. This especially happen in lack of experience/knowledge, but it can be worsened with lack of communication. This is the case.

A 50-yo male came to a local clinic with stomachache. A young doctor went in and examine the patient. As the young doctor still lack of experience and communication skill for history taking, he didn’t recognize that his patient was currently suffering a heart disease. He just gave a presciption for the patient’s gastritis and sent the patient home. The old man collapsed midway home.

Well, I’m not trying to discourage you from believing your physician. This is just an example. There are many more examples not involving one’s life. The simplest example is as simple as doing homework the wrong way.

2. The ones who recognize their mistake, but fail to learn.

Maybe just a level better than the one I mention earlier. Or maybe just a half level better. Or maybe even worse. Even donkey won’t fall in same hole twice. This kind of guy will having a hard time to develop himself, since (probably) he is too stubborn to accept his lesson. This is the example. Remember the story above? Now let’s say both the old man and the young doctor were in ER in local hospital.

The young doctor still diagnosed the old man with gastritis and prescribed gastritis drugs. But just before the patient went home, a senior doctor came in and reexamined the patient. The senior doctor recognized the old man’s heart disease and admitted him into ICU. The senior doctor scolded the young doctor for being careless and not consulting the patient to him, and then taught him the correct history taking and physical examination. The young doctor recognized his own mistake. But being scolded by his superior, his ego defense mechanism took place and he’s just too angry to accept his superior’s lesson.

Once again, this is just an example. Another case? Have you ever got E in your math test, and then still too lazy to study, and then got E again?

3. The ones who recognize their mistake, learn from it, and never do the same mistake ever again.

I’ll say the ones in this state are the lucky ones. Lucky, not in term getting fortune without any fight and struggle and suffer. They do endure the pain of mistake. They do endure the pain of learning process. Often, those are great pain. But the reward will be worth it. That’s why I call them lucky. For the example, let’s recall the story of our young doctor earlier.

The senior doctor scolded him for being careless and not consulting the patient to him. The young doctor was angry, yes. But then he pushed his ego and learned as much as he can from his senior. Later, the senior taught him more and more lesson. The lessons was very hard indeed, and the young doctor made mistakes again and again, and his senior scolded him again and again. But the young doctor never gave up. The senior doctor saw potential in his pupil, and kept him motivated. And finally, after very long journey, the young doctor became a great cardiologist.

Happy ending. It’s great, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems. No words nor sentences can describe the suffer. Learning process can be a very long process, and also can be a hard one. If you don’t prepare yourself properly, maybe you will quit. And once you learn to quit, it’ll become a habit.

How about myself? Well, I must say that I can’t be proud of myself. I must admit that I’m still not a lucky person. I still have much to learn in this harsh life. That’s why I make this writing, to remind me to always learn. Here, I’ve heard a sentence, “Write down what you did, and do what you wrote down”. As for you, please remind me if I make a mistake, so I can learn from it.

Suffer the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.

So which path I choose? Only the future can foretell.


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