Who I Am and Why I’m Here

5 Jan

Hi, everyone. Erriza is here. It’s nice to have a blog. I’ve been wanting to have a blog for quite a long time, and actually i’ve started it about a year ago. But you know, laziness issue. I wrote one or two posts, and then I stopped for a few months. Now I wanted to continue this life-long project (I hope!).

I believe blogging has many benefit. Blogging can let me practice sharing my thougths (I’m a quiet person and not so talkative). And moreover, blogging is a mental activity. So if I do it regularly, I hope I can keep my mind sharp. One more thing. In educated community, the one’s status is determined on how many scientific articles he wrote. Well, I’m not going to post any scientific articles here in my blog. It’s just I’m trying to prove that I want to be an educated person. And I hope I can give this world some benefit through my writings and ideas.

I’m a general practitioner in a country so-called Indonesia (ever heard it before?), freshly graduated about a year before I type these sentences. I love sports. I love watching football (especially the goals!) but I’m not a good footballer myself. I like becycling. I ride my bike every morning whenever I can. But above those sports, I really like table tennis. Some of my friends maybe think that I’m a maniac, but who cares? Haha. I’m a video gamer too, but just a casual gamer, not the hardcore one. And I won’t spend lots of money to purchase hi-specs PC or the newest video game console. Just download some old games compatible to my standard HP laptop and play it just for fun. Reading isn’t really my favorite. That’s a shame. Yes, I know reading has many benefit, and I tell you, I am willing to try to read more and more books.

As I said before, I live in Indonesia. So english isn’t my first language. You may expect some misspelling and grammar errors here and there. I will write my blog in Indonesian, and I plan to write mostly about medical topics and health, However I promise I’ll write some in english. One of my article already in English, read it if you like. I’m telling you, writing article isn’t quite a culture in here. Indonesia is a developing country, not developed. And just like any other developing country, this country suffers many problems: education, health providing system, monetary, almost all aspects. I love this country, I really do. And I hope I can change it and shape it to be better. All of it will start from here.


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